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Welcome Class of 2020!

Dates of Awakening:
Saturday, August 20 - Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Application Deadline: July 15, 2016

Awakening Participant Registration Form

Welcome Weekend begins for all first year students on Wednesday afternoon, August 24, 2016.

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To get a better sense of the program, view the Awakening video clip.

Awakening is an adventure based orientation program that builds in its first year students a foundation for their college career by engaging them in all levels of the Hartwick community whilst empowering them to practice self reflection, develop personal courage and think critically.

Awakening is an optional five-day college outdoor adventure program occurring the week before fall semester begins. It's an exciting, fun way to start your college journey. Approximately 50 incoming first-year students stay at Hartwick’s beautiful Pine Lake Environmental Campus for the week. It’s an experience that helps you make friends with fellow students; connect with upperclass students, professors, staff, the president and her cabinet; and, face exciting challenges in small group settings.

The Awakening program helps participants make a smooth transition into the new world of college by fostering a comfortable environment in which to make friends and create a support network within the Hartwick community. Past Awakeners often talk about how the program helped them establish a new social network and gave them the self-awareness to face the challenges of college and life with confidence.

Most of your time at Awakening is spent in a small group, with 11 other first-year students and three leaders (upperclass students and professors or staff). A typical day at Pine Lake awakens you for breakfast, followed by a morning gathering with the whole community. Each small group then heads off in a different direction. You may find yourself solving problems on the low-challenge course, day hiking on the Pine Lake property, or climbing in the trees at the high-challenge course. Each activity typically is followed by short discussions about the experience—part of a "wake-up call," which can help you learn new ways to work with others and master the most difficult challenges.

An added benefit of Awakening is that you will be able to move directly into your residence hall room on the day you arrive at Awakening. Once you pick up your keys at Awakening Registration, you may unload all your gear for the year in your new room. This means you beat the rush on Welcome Weekend! Parents may choose to return to campus for Convocation at the start of Welcome Weekend (which is the end of Awakening), but it is not mandatory.

Awakening 2016 Photo Slideshow