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Health Center

As of 1/18/16, please see our new webpages: www.hartwick.edu/healthcenter.

Phone: 607-431-4120
Fax: 607-431-4124

Email: Healthcenter@hartwick.edu

Please call ext. 4120 to schedule appointments.
There is no fee to see a healthcare provider or counselor. (Note: nominal fee charged to student accounts for certain in-house laboratory tests and procedures.)

Transportation: Non-emergent medical transport on & off campus provided by student Health Sqaud-call 607-431-4120 Monday-Friday 9am to 5 pm. Campus Safety provides transport after hours and on weekends.

Student should contact their RA or Camp Safety at ext. 4111 if they have questions about medical care when Perrella Health Center is closed.

When Perrella Health Center is closed, medical care can be received at Fox Hospital Emergency Department at 607-431-5000, FoxNow walk-In Clinic at 607-431-5052, or Bassett Convenient Care at 607-433-6400. Be sure to have health insurance card with you.

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