Parking Regulations Handbook

Welcome to Hartwick for what will be a very rewarding and successful year. The campus parking regulations for 2015-16 are outlined on the pages of this Web site for your information and future reference. Each member of the Hartwick community should be aware of the regulations, as they are enforced to keep the campus safe and accessible to students, visitors, faculty, and staff.

As you begin this year on campus, please be reminded of the following:

15 MPH - Entire Campus

Illegally Parked or Operated Vehicles
To ensure accessibility and safety, there is a zero-tolerance policy concerning illegally parked or operated vehicles. This means that all such vehicles, regardless of the owner, will be ticketed. When possible, anyone receiving three or more tickets will be sent a warning letter advising them that if they receive three more tickets, for a total of six, whether paid or unpaid, they will lose their on-campus driving and parking privileges for the academic year. Copies of these warning letters also will be mailed home to the parents of students.

Lost Parking Privileges
Owners of vehicles who have lost their parking privileges and who illegally bring a vehicle onto campus will be ticketed and the vehicle booted or towed. In order to have the boot removed, the operator of the vehicle will be required to pay a $50 fine and the amount of the ticket. Failure to do so, or if the booted vehicle remains on campus for more than 48 hours, will result in the vehicle being towed away at the owner’s expense and the booting and ticket fines added to the violator’s outstanding balance. More about Hartwick parking regulations...

Parking Decals
Students are allowed to register a vehicle on campus. There will be a $50 registration fee for all students. Please reference the following link for pre-registering vehicle information: Student Vehicle Registration Form (pdf).

Red decaled 1st year students, may park only in the freshman-designated area in Oyaron-Hilltop East Lot. Overflow is allowed only in Upper Binder Parking Lot. Both areas are properly signed.

All students, faculty, and staff vehicles must have a current parking decal properly displayed on the vehicle in order to legally park on campus.

  • Student decals dated 2015-16
  • Faculty/Staff decals dated 2016-18
  • Aramark employee decals dated 2016-18

Faculty/staff decals, which are effective 01/01/10, cost $50 for a three-year period. Please reference the following link for pre-registering vehicle information: Staff/Faculty Vehicle Registration Form (pdf document).

Decals may be obtained by coming to the Office of Campus Safety with proper ID and the vehicle registration presented during normal business hours. More about motor vehicle regulations...

Some faculty or staff may qualify for a reduction in the parking fee. These are considered on a case-by-case basis. More about parking fee reduction...

15-Minute Parking Areas
Several areas around campus have parking spaces designated for 15-minute parking. These spaces are intended for loading/unloading or quick visits into a building between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. They are located at:

  • Hartwick Drive, outside the entrance to Dewar Union
  • Outside Binder P.E. Building
  • Golisano Hall, south end of building

Visitors and Admissions Parking
The parking spaces on Hartwick Drive from south of Memorial Staircase (outside the main entrance of Bresee Hall) to the handicapped spaces in front of Golisano Hall are designated Visitor & Admissions Parking. These spaces are intended for visitors to our campus or the Admissions Office. Members of the College community (faculty/staff/students) are not permitted to park in these spaces from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Traffic Courts
Hartwick College has an appeal process to contest traffic violations. An appeal must be submitted to Campus Safety via an online Vehicle Violation Appeal Form. Requests must be submitted within five business days from violation date to be deemed valid for review. Please contact Campus Safety at ext. 4111 during normal business hours regarding parking and traffic concerns.

1st Year Students Parking
Vehicles with Freshman parking decals may park only in two areas on the entire campus:

  • Designated red decaled 1st Studnent parking in the center of the Oyaron/Hilltop east Lot; and
  • Main Binder P.E. Building Lot (Overflow Lot) located south of Binder P.E. Building.

Red decaled 1st Year Students are not permitted to park in any other area on campus, including Commuter Lot, General Parking, 15-Minute, or Visitor Parking.

Vehicles displaying yellow decals may make use of commuter lots, general parking lots, including lower yager and uppder binder lots.

Residence Hall Parking
Parking in Residence Hall parking lots is limited. Only students living in a particular residence hall are permitted to park in the lot(s) associated with each residence hall.

If You Live In:You May Park In:
Saxton Saxton Lot, Holmes Lot & Upper Perrella Lot
Holmes Saxton Lot, Holmes Lot & Upper Perrella Lot
Wilder Wilder Lot
Leitzell Leitzell Lot, overflow Yager
Van Ess Van Ess Lot, overflow Yager
Townhouses Designated Townhouse parking in Miller/Johnstone Lot
Oyaron/Hilltop Oyaron/Hilltop Lot
Smith Freshmen (only) Freshman area in Oyaron/Hilltop east Lot
Smith Upperclassmen Small lot next to Smith, overflow Yager

Upperclassmen may use the overflow lots in Lower Yager and Upper Binder.

1st year Students may use only Upper Binder as overflow.


Long term parking for all students/faculty/staff is available in the old tennis court lot.