• Student demonstrates glass blowing during Showcase 2009
  • Student demonstrates ceramics work during Showcase 2009
  • Student performance during Showcase 2009
  • Student performance during Showcase 2009

Special Opportunities

Chances are, there are amazing things you can do that you haven't even thought of. Luckily, we have.

Here are just a few:

Campus Theme
Career Services
Civic Engagement
Honors Program
January Term
Partnerships That Can Shape Your Future
Pine Lake
Student Scholar Showcase
Study Off Campus
Rasmussen President's Lecture
Leslie G. Rude Memorial Lecture
Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program

Campus Theme:
Each year, Hartwick chooses campus theme. As part of the theme, we offer unique courses, bring in national and international experts, and organize special activities such as films and museum exhibitions. More about the Campus Theme ...

Career Services:
Career Services doesn't begin to describe Hartwick's multi-faceted programs that help students link academic experiences to career goals and professional development. Through the Office of Career Services, you can engage in a range of opportunities, including skill-building workshops, internships for credit, and a program called MetroLink, which will enable you to "shadow" professionals on the job in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. More about Career Services ...

Civic Engagement:
Hartwick stresses the importance of good citizenship and social responsibility throughout our entire campus. As part of our commitment to civic engagement, students are immersed in a liberal arts environment that fosters democratic citizenship within a diverse and dynamic community. More about civic engagement opportunities at Hartwick ...

Honors Program:
Hartwick's Honor's Program provides outstanding students with diverse opportunities to broaden and deepen their education, to enhance the intellectual rigor of their curriculum, and to participate in a community of scholars within the greater College community. Unusual in its design, the program incorporates student-designed creative or scholarly projects, mini-seminars, portfolios, study abroad, and Honors Contemporary Issues seminars. More about the Honors Program …

January Term:
For one month every year, our students pursue interesting lines of thought and challenging activities with undivided focus. J Term allows students to enroll in a single course or independent study on campus, do an off-campus internship, or study abroad. More about J Term …

Partnerships That Can Shape Your Future:
Hartwick maintains relationships with a wide range of colleges, institutes, and universities designed to help Hartwick students discover and reach their goals. These relationships include: the 3+3 Program with Albany Law School; the Cooperative Programs in Engineering; the Cooperative BA/MBA Program with Clarkson University; the Collaborative Agreement with Sage Graduate School Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Programs, and others. More about our partnerships …

Pine Lake:
At Hartwick's Pine Lake Environmental Campus, we study biology, conduct experiments, and do other academically-inclined projects (for instance, students designed and built an environmentally friendly building there as part of a class). Some students live there, and many canoe, hike, and just hang out there. Pine Lake enriches our work and our lives. More about Pine Lake …

Dr. Arthur E. Rasmussen H '95 President's Lecture:
Great academic institutions put forth insightful, thought-provoking lectures that engage their communities. Hartwick College's Dr. Arthur E. Rasmussen H '95 President's Lecture aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice through a discussion that explores both the theories and the practical implications of the idea under examination. More about the Rasmussen President's Lecture ...

Leslie G. Rude Memorial Lecture
Leslie G. Rude was an outstanding Hartwick College faculty member and administrator. Following his death in 1998, Professor Emeritus Norma Hutman and Marion Rude established the Leslie G. Rude Memorial Lecture Series to reflect his passionate interest in political science and public speaking and his commitment to public life. More about the Leslie G. Rude Memorial Lecture...

Student Showcase:
The Student Showcase: An Exhibition of Liberal Arts in Practice is Hartwick's day-long celebration of student achievement. More than 200 students showcase their work in sessions and displays throughout the day. Showcase presentations include live demonstrations, readings and performances, oral presentations, posters, and exhibits of individual student research and senior capstone projects. More about Showcase ...

Study Off Campus:
There's a good reason that the majority of Hartwick students study off campus at some point in their four years with us: We offer well-designed and often unique opportunities to study and understand the world, some of which are available to first-year students. (Imagine teaching English to Tibetans during your career at Hartwick, or perhaps studying the production of wine in Italy or examining the role media play in South Africa. Really.) You can do a one-month course during January Term, an internship in another culture, or a semester or year abroad. Many of our students pick more than one option. More about studying abroad …

Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program:
Hartwick’s Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program is a unique and exciting opportunity allowing qualified students to benefit from our strong liberal arts education and special experiential learning opportunities. For motivated students seeking a well-rounded education, the Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program is an affordable alternative to achieve success. Within the program, there are 22 major areas of study leading to a bachelor of arts (BA) or bachelor of science (BS) degree. More about the Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program ...

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